Zhou Shen (Chinese: 周深; pinyin: Zhōu Shēn; born 29 September 1992), also known as Charlie Zhou, is a Chinese singer. He is best known for his song "Big Fish",[1] which has won 8 awards. In November 2017, Zhou released his debut album 深的深, a co-creation with producer Gao Xiaosong, songwriter Yin Yue, and composer Qian Lei. He has performed for many TV series and Chinese animation films such as Big Fish & Begonia, Dahufa, and Crystal Sky of Yesterday, among others. In March 2018, Zhou sang the Chinese promotional song for the 2018 Oscar Best Picture The Shape of Water. In 2020, Zhou Shen won first place for his performance of the song "Da La Beng Ba" in the show Singer 2020, imitating multiple voices, including that of a little girl and a man.[3] By April 2020, this performance clip's view count on Bilibili had exceeded 10 million, surpassing that of the original song;[4] after the song (Zhou's version) was released on Netease Cloud Music, it dominated the chart for several days,[5] and the single has been played over 100 million times, and has been on top of Chinese search engines.[6] Zhou's first series of concerts, 深空间, were held in May and June 2018, as well as January, June and July 2019.[7] His second series concert tour, Planet C-929, started in November 2019, with stops at Beijing, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. In July 2020, Zhou Shen gave a TME live "Good Night, See You Tomorrow" Online Concert on multiple platforms, among which QQ Music was watched online by more than 7.2 million viewers.[8] Zhou has won an award every year since 2016.[9] He won the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Greater China Act in November 2019. In August 2020, he ranked 42nd in the Forbes China Celebrity List of 2020.[10] 2010: Pre-debut Zhou's career began in 2010, when he began singing online on a Chinese video-based social network, YY.com, using his nickname "卡布叻."[12] 2014–2015: Participation in The Voice of China Zhou participated in The Voice of China (season 3). He gained recognition from the coaches by singing "HuanYan" ("Smiling Face") from Chyi Yu in the blind audition round. The song "Lake Baikal" sung by Zhou and Li Wei in the contest was awarded Song of 2014 of The Voice of China. In the same year, Zhou participated in the live tour of The Voice. He attended Beijing TV's New Year's Gala and supported the bid for the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing by singing a multi-language version of "Let It Go". He also participated in the world tour of the performing-arts extravaganza Cultures of China, Festival of Spring. In May, Zhou went to London to attend The Voice UK with Li Wei on behalf of The Voice of China. He then released a cover album called Aftertaste together with Li Wei in July. After that, Zhou's first single, "The Rose and the Deer", was released, and he won the Best New Artist of ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards. 2016: Rise to fame In May 2016, Zhou sang "Big Fish" for the Chinese animated film Big Fish & Begonia,[20] and "Early Rain in Lin-an" for the online game Water Margin Q. "Big Fish" and "The Rose and the Deer" were both selected as part of the Top 10 Hits Songs of Fresh Asia Music Award 2016. In October, Zhou sang several songs on the music show Mask Singer, in which he gained further recognition. He also won the Most Popular Male Singer Online of Music Pioneer Award 2016. 2017: Debut album Zhou performed "Echo" for the TV series The Starry Night The Starry Sea. His song "Big Fish" won the Top 10 Songs of the Year and honoured him with the People's Choice Male Singer of ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards 2017. In June, he sang "Calm Romance" for the Chinese film Brotherhood of Blades II: The Infernal Battlefield and "Speechless" for the Chinese animation Dahufa (The Guardian). He sang the ending song "Vicissitudes of Life" for the TV series The Starry Night The Starry Sea Second. His debut album, 深的深, was released in November 2017. 2018: First concert tour Zhou sang the Chinese promotional song for the 2017 film The Shape of Water. He won the Most Improved Artist of ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards 2018 and held his first series of concerts at Shanghai, Wuhan, and Chengdu. Zhou released the promotional song "Irrelevant" for another film, A or B. He won the Most Popular Karaoke MV of the China Music Awards and the Best New Artist of the Global Chinese Music Chart Awards. His title track "Blue Parachute" was selected as the Top Songs of 2018. In November, Zhou performed classical songs like "Time to Say Goodbye", "Memory", "Think of Me", "The Lonely Goatherd" in the musical show Super–Vocal and got praised by the audience and coaches. He also appeared in the music show The Masked Singer (season 3) again and performed with his Bel canto skill.[32] Zhou got applause from everyone and made a name for himself with his performance on the shows. 190622 "深空间" Concert Tour, Shenzhen 2019: Second concert tour and awards Zhou performed "With the Wind" for the TV series Mystery of Antiques. A non-official song called "Never Say Goodbye", sang by Liao Changyong and MXH 36 (members of Super–Vocal), was released in January. In March, Zhou sang "Only You" for the TV series Relying on Heaven to Slaughter Dragons. ] He got awarded Breakthrough Artist of the Year and the song "Blossom" won the Top 10 Songs of the Year from ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards 2019. He also started his second series of concerts in Beijing in January, followed by Shenzhen and Hangzhou in June and July. In April, along with MXH 36 (Super–Vocal 2018 members), Zhou joined the 'Super–Vocal' and 'Never Say Goodbye' concert tour. He also held a joint music concert, 深龄其境, with Isabelle Huang in Shanghai on 18 May. On 25 May, he attended Victor Wong's "The Pursuit of Happiness" concert in Beijing as a special guest. On 6 June, Zhou was invited to the award ceremony of the 17th Vision Youth Awards. He received the Campus Popularity Award for Performing Artists on CNR Music Radio Top Music Awards on 8 June. On 12 June, he attended the Nanyang Khek Community Gift of Warmth Charity Concert 2019, a charity concert in Singapore, to offer warmth to people with autism, together with Chyi Yu, Huang Hongying, and Roy Li Fei Huei. In the concert, Zhou performed seven of his own singles and another Hakka song, "When Hakkas Meet in Singapore", as well as a duet with Chyi Yu on an English song "Mother of Mine". In October 2019, Zhou was ranked on the music industry list of Forbes 30 Under 30 China 2019. On the 1 and 2 November 2019, he participated in the Nanjing The Untamed music concert and sang the song "Huang Cheng Du (Passing By the Deserted City)". In November 2019, he won the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Greater China Act. He held his new concert tour, named Planet C-929, in Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhou, Chengdu, and Shanghai from November to December 2019. 2020: Participation in variety shows & First Online Concert Zhou performed several songs with Hacken Lee in the music program Our Songs from Dragon TV. He also participated in the first culture-experienced reality show The Great Wall[37] as 'The Great Wall Trainee' with Liu Ye, Ethan Juan, Yang Chaoyue, Yang Di, and Justin Huang Ming-hao. Zhou was also one of the initial singers to appear on Singer 2020 that was broadcast on Hunan TV.[38][39] He also appeared in some e-commerce live streams after becoming the Brand Spokesperson of the Oriental Therapy (东方季道), which belongs to The Procter & Gamble Company.[40][41][42] After the reality show The Great Wall ended, Zhou participated in another variety show, Youth Periplous II, and became a member of the 'Spring Outing Family' (春游家族) in the show. He also appeared on some other variety shows, including Day Day Up, Trump Card, Back to Field, Smoothly Flowing Melodies, and Keep Running! (season 8). In the show Singer 2020, Zhou Shen won first place for his performance of the song "Da La Beng Ba" with more than five voices, including a little girl and a man.[3] By April 2020, this performance clip's view on Bilibili had exceeded 10 million, surpassing the original song;[4] After the song (Zhou's version) was released on Netease Cloud Music, it dominated the chart for several days,[5] and the single has been played over 100 million times, and has been trending in the hot search of Chinese search engines many times.[6] This version has also been widely praised by China's domestic music critics, that Zhou Shen's integration of ACGN style (mashup with "Gokuraku Jodo"), pop music and bel canto in his songs has contributed to the spread of ACGN culture.[43] Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the People's Daily, China Movie Channel New Media Center, and social media platform Sina Weibo co-launched the Hello Future "Graduation Song 2020" Cloud Concert (未来你好"毕业歌2020"云演唱会) on 28 June 2020. Many filmmakers and musicians, including Zhou, sent their best wishes by singing or speeches to 77 college graduates via the online commencement. Zhou also appeared on the variety show Go Newbies with Qi Wei, Wu Xuanyi, Lil Ghost, in which he learned how to drive and got his car license.[44] On 19 July 2020, Zhou Shen Studio was officially established and his first online concert was then held on 25 July, his 6th anniversary of his debut.[45][46] Lang lang also invited him to perform "Interstellar Train" together with the band "The Tropical Depression" on the TV program The Coming One: SUPER BAND. They had another collaboration, "Big Fish" & "Scarborough Fair" in Jiangsu TV Kuaishou "One Thousand and One Nights" (江苏卫视快手一千零一夜) Gala on 30 October.[47] On 16 October together with Tengger, Zhou performed "Heaven of Big Fish" (大鱼的天堂) in TikTok x Zhejiang TV Autumn Gala 2020 (抖音美好奇妙夜x浙江卫视秋季盛典2020). This was their first collaboration on stage.[48] Starting from 4 November, Zhou Shen appeared in a workplace-observational reality show An Exciting Offer Season 2 with other 'cheering group' (加油团) members He Jiong, Benny Sa, Fan Chengcheng.[49] On 31 December, Zhou Shen was invited to performed on multiple New Year's Eve concerts, including China Media Group's 2021 New Year Gala--"Set Sail, 2021" (启航2021—中央广播电视总台跨年盛典),[50][51] Jiangsu TV 2021 New Year Countdown Concert (江苏卫视2021跨年演唱会),[52] Bilibili New Year's Eve Gala 2020 (Bilibili "2020最美的夜"跨年晚会)[53][54][55] and "Welcoming Olympic Winter Games" BTV(Beijing Media Network) 2021 New Year Global Gala (2021迎冬奥相约北京BRTV环球跨年冰雪盛典)[56] and Guangdong TV 2020-2021 "Passing on Joy in Beautiful Life" New Year Celebration (广东卫视2020-2021"美好生活欢乐送"跨年特别节目).[57] He is also one of the referrers for the release of the Paralympic Winter Games and the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2020 Sport Pictogram (北京冬奥会及冬残奥会体育图标). Awards and Accolades On 17 January, Zhou Shen was awarded with Top 10 Mainland Artists, Top 10 Popular Songs, Top 10 Anime Songs, Top 10 Film Songs in 2019 QQ Music Year-End Charts.[58][59] In the 2019 Digital Music Report of China launched by Tencent Music Entertainment on 23 March, Zhou Shen won nine awards, including Top 10 Singers of the Year and Popular Songs Top 10 Singers of the Year.[60] In June, Zhou won three awards at Sina Entertainment Grand Ceremony, including Most Popular Variety Show Guests, Top 10 Music Production "Ring the Doorbell, Listen by Yourself", and Top 3 of the Most Popular Live Stage "Da La Beng Ba".[61] He attended the ERC Chinese Top Ten Music Awards on 19 July and won three awards, including Best Film/TV OST Singer of the Year, Media Recommend Singer, and Top 10 Songs of the Year "Flow with the Wind".[62][63] In August, he ranked 42nd in the Forbes China Celebrity List of 2020.[10][64] In September, Zhou won three awards of Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards, including Best Love Song Performance of the Year, Media Recommend Male Singer of the Year, Fairchild Radio Recommend Singer.[65] On 20 December, Zhou was awarded Tencent Video The Most Popular Singer of 2020 at Tencent Video All-Stars Night 2020 Awards Ceremony,[66] and 2020 Most Popular Chinese Artist of the Year 2020 and Super Idol of the Year of 2020 NetEase Annual Music Awards on 22 December. His performing song "Da La Beng Ba" was also awarded the 2020 Most Popular Song of the Year in the category of Most Popular Single and Most Popular Show Performance.[67][68] 2021: First performance on the stage on Spring Festival Gala (春晚) From 6 November 2020, Zhou Shen officially become the Promotion Ambassador of Guiyang Cultural Tourism (贵阳文化旅游推广大使)[69][70][71][72] He then appeared on the cultural urban travel documentary Marvelous City presented by Youku on 5 January to introduce the city where he grew up--Guiyang.[73] On 8 January, Zhou Shen was awarded The Most Popular Singer of 2020 by Tencent Entertainment White Paper (腾讯娱乐白皮书) on 2020 Tencent Entertainment Annual Grand Ceremony (2020腾讯娱乐年度盛典).[74] On 19 January, Zhou Shen was awarded Top 10 Singers of the Year and Popular Songs Top 10 Singers of the Year in the Uni Chart Annual Review 2020 (2020由你音乐榜年度盘点). On 22 January, Zhou Shen won Musician of the Year and the Most-Viewed Uploader of the Year from Bilibili Music Awards 2020 (2020年度bilibili音乐大盘点).[75] On the same day, he won the QQ Music Year-End Charts 2020 (QQ音乐巅峰榜2020年终榜单) of the Top 10 Artists of the Year and his live song "The Wind Rises" won the Top 10 Singles of the Year. On 23 January, he won the Best Mainland Male Singer of the Year from Tencent Music Entertainment Awards 2020 (腾讯音乐娱乐盛典), and his song “The Upside” also won Top 10 Songs of the Year.[76] Zhou Shen is also one of the Initiator Group and mentor for the talent show Chuang 2021.[77] He sang a famous Ukrainian song "Річка" in the show with trainee Andy and was reported in different news media.[78][79][80] In the period of Lunar New Year, Zhou Shen was invited to different festival gala, including CCTV Spring Festival Gala Evening (中央电视台春节联欢晚会), China Media Group - The Night of "Straight to CCTV Spring Festival Gala" (中国广播电视总台 直通春晚《直通之夜》), Tencent Family New Year's Eve Dinner FAN Party (家族年年年夜FAN), A Worldwide Celebration: Chinese New Year 2021 by Hunan TV (湖南卫视2021全球华侨华人春节大联欢), Jiangsu TV 2021 Spring Festival Gala Evening (江苏卫视2021春节联欢晚会), and CCTV 2021 Lantern Festival Gala (中央电视台元宵晚会).[citation needed][81] His first performance on the stage on "Spring Festival Gala (春晚)", "China in the Light" (灯火里的中国) with Zhang Ye,[82] was critically acclaimed by overseas audience.[83] In March and April, Zhou Shen served as the Bravo "Go-Online" Officer (华彩上线官) of the Bravo Youngsters! The Colorful Boy was broadcast on CCTV-1. On 13 March, He participated in the 2021 Television Series of China Quality Ceremony(2021电视剧品质盛典), and won the Most Quality OST of the Year for his song Soften the Glare, Unify as Dust (和光同尘). He also sang the song on the ceremony with Wang Kai. On 9 April, Zhou Shen participated in the Global Diplomats’ Chinese Cultural Night (全球外交官中国文化之夜) and won the award of the 2020 Most Influential Youth Singer of the Year.[84] He also sang the song You Raise Me Up, which made people from different countries fascinated.[85][86] On 25 May, Zhou Shen collaborated with Tan Dun in Nanshan Pop Festival 2021 (2021南山流行音乐节), and sang a solo of A Love Before Time (月光爱人), Only For Love (我用所有报答爱) and Big Fish.[87] On 31 May, as the Dream Ambassador of "Art in Action" by Tecent&Hefeng (腾讯荷风艺术行动), he participated in the public welfare project "Childhood on the Ridge of Field", and sang the theme song May Wind Over the Ridge of Field (田埂五月风).[88][89] On 12 June, he participated in the Baidu "China Chic" Grand Ceremony (百度“潮”盛典) of Zhejiang Satellite TV and sang some China animation theme songs China Chic · Grooving with Shen (潮·深动)
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