Bolivian Ragamuffin

Pack up your troubles in your old gym bag
You gotta dance to the tune of bolivian ragamuffin
Ill take short brakes
Love her til the ice breaks

Stand on the seashore lookin at the city
See the street light look like a lady on the titty
In the wax museum everybody can see themselves
As others can see them but nobody wants to be the baby

Tough break - cabbage head
Try to get a salad made
Hold my pickle, hold the lettuce
Session waters dont upset us
Kids span face looks so even like a needle
Never make third base like a toilet bowl cleaner
Like an squawk-eight fool with the dooner over double
If I have to do rock a roller up a jello

Statiol coverslag, smokin bowl no feelin high
Burn and people, try to let us
Hush Im for hm, what Im saying

See me kiss - can you prepance
Waitin for - gotta have a dance
Say me now - say all I need is a chance
I aint gonna do it...


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